Hard Work

You should see my arms. All scratched up from wrestling with blackberry vines and tree limbs. Yesterday Abdul, Jamila, Karim, Abeni, and I chipped an enormous pile of trees and brush that we generated clearing the fields of the farm.

As Abdul chain-sawed bottle brush trees and giant shrubs, we hauled the branches over to the chipper. It was a big, powerful one, and satisfying to use. The chips bounced around, and the goats eagerly ate up any of the chunks that landed in their area, kind of like a goat version of a smoothie. The sweet-smelling chips covered up the ugly asphalt—so much better than hauling the green waste to the dump and paying $60/ton. As Abdul cleared away the crap trees, fruit trees were revealed: an almond, another pear, a Fuyu persimmon.

The barn is now officially clean, I powerwashed the interior last week, then we bleached it, fixed some boards, put screened windows up and organized (or threw away) all the assorted stuff that had accumulated there. We found lots of useful items like tools, irrigation supplies, lumber, roofing material. Karim built out the frames to hold the rabbit cages, and we put together the cages using hardware cloth and zip ties. I’m hoping to pick up eleven rabbits next week.

My body is really trashed, especially my hands. But it feels good to be resurrecting this farm—Abeni and I think the former farmers arenodding their heads in approval, where ever they are.