CSA anyone?

Welp, all 500 heirloom tomatoes are in the ground, as are the sugar baby watermelon, the swiss chard, and the violet artichokes. This rain has been nice, as we’re still grappling with the irrigation set up. The rabbits self-watering system is functional, just in time for the hot weather. Now we’re looking around at all the fruit trees starting to develop fruit, the grape vine’s plump promises, and we’re realizing that come July, the place is going to be pumping out the produce. In the beginning, Abeni and I were planning to sell the bounty to restaurants or at my pop-up farmstand or the pop-up general store. But we’re rethinking that now.

We want to have an ongoing relationship with our customers. We want them to experience the seasonal changes–and bounty–with us. So we’re putting it out there: we’re offering 15 CSA memberships to people in the Bay Area. Starting in mid-July we will offer a box per week through the end of November. The box will include vegetables like lettuce, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers; fruits like figs, grapes, Fuyu persimmons, pineapple guava, and apricots. We will also sign people up for shares in our goats so they can receive milk and yogurt. At certain times we will be able to include a rabbit or chicken/rooster in that week’s box for an extra few dollars, if that’s something you would like. A box will cost $60/week, to be picked up at my farm in downtown Oakland on Saturdays.

For now I’m just taking a poll: who would be interested in signing up for our CSA?

Note that the full-priced shares will go to offset an additional 5 shares that will be reserved for low income people from San Lorenzo.